No One Escapes Truth

Skepticism about whether we can ever really know truth, or whether our minds have adequate contact with reality, has become a common attitude in our culture. Is what we call ‘reality’ merely belief and interpretation? Let’s carefully define truth in a way that agrees with both common sense and the deepest insights of philosophers.

This session will lay a foundation for later discussions on 'goodness' and 'beauty,' as we explore how they, in turn, are related to truth. Goodness, Truth and Beauty form a triad of what are called 'transcendentals', object that we can think about but are beyond the categories of our understanding. That there are concepts that are beyond the universals by which we think is worthy of reflection in its own right.

In any case, this session on truth will be very basic and practical and provides some clarity for students encountering the usual claptrap on the subject offered by some professors.

We repeat this session on truth at Carey Centre in Vancouver on Wednesday evening, September 28th.