TECHNOLOGY: Friend, Foe or What?

Special Guest: Bryn Stevenson, Regent College Masters student researching the thought of Jacques Ellul. Beside discussing whether technology might be an intrinsic evil, we look toward the future and worry about artificial intelligence...

We once lived on the land; we now live inside of technology, e.g., the modern world - and we no longer know how to live without it. But what is the price we pay for the powers technology gives us?  Does technology affect our values without us even knowing? Instead of using things and valuing people, does it make us use people and value things? What have Christians thought about nature, power, and human ingenuity? 

Whatever the case may be regarding mechanistic technology, we are now in the age of global information technology mated with the world wide web and increasingly powerful artificial intelligence algorithms.  When our global information infrastructure, linked vitally as it is to our fully electrified civilization, becomes a machine more power and more complex than we can ever understand, or even control…how safe will we be with this creature of our own making?

Stanford University hosted Ray Kurzweil

and a symposium of other to talk about what will be coming upon us with the unimaginably power new computing powers: