Salvation in a Multicultural World

In a world increasingly self-aware of its multitude of religious traditions, each with strong reasons and traditions of belief, just how wide can the saving mercy of God be? This session explores the concepts of inclusivism, pluralism and universalism.

If we assume, as does the Christian tradition, that Jesus Christ is the only Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6)...then how can peoples from other cultures, eras and faiths, ever be included in any of that Truth and Life? 

Some would say that salvation is only possible to those who intentionally respond to an explicit gospel invitation.  Turn or burn!  But if explicit faith in the correctly presented ‘good news’ is the only possible way to be saved, then how would infants, small children and other who cannot believe ever be saved?

This raises a further question: Could the work of Jesus Christ bring salvation to those who cannot believe because they are outside the zone of explicit evangelism.  We explore three different ways to think about this question: inclusivism, pluralism and universalism. 

Don’t think you already know the answers.  Come and join an honest discussion.

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