REASON: Faith, Fraud and the Placebo Effect

Miracles! Healings! Prophecy! You can see it all live on TV. Are these spiritual people with supernatural gifts or bogus charlatans? Religion is the realm of the blind leading the blind. We better make sure that's not us we're talking about.

...and manipulators, con artists who prey on gullible and vulnerable people.  Theres a sucker born-again every minute.  How can we know what to believe?  How can we learn to discern truth & falsehood? 

We’ll look at some amazing YouTube videos of Benny Hinn, Orsen Wells, James Randi, Peter Popoff and some TV psychics to explore the techniques by which people get deceived.  Hopefully, by a process of eliminating the fakes, we can come up with legitimate criteria for what would count as genuine miracles.  Don’t miss this one.

James Randi exposes the fraud behind the Peter Popoff prophecy and healing ministry:

CBC Fifth Estate: a expose of Benny Hinn:

Stanford University: Pain and the Placebo Effect: