Praying to a God Who Knows Everything

When you are told that God knows everything, including every detail of the future - that He can read even your innermost thoughts - then what is the point of praying to Him? Will we change His all-knowing, all-determining mind?

Depending on how we conceive of the universe - as permitting human freedom or as predestined fate - we will have a differing view of prayer.  What are we doing when we pray to a God who foreknows everything we could ever ask or think?  Why pray if outcomes have been predestined?  Prayer itself becomes a different thing depending on your view of Gods nature and the kind of universe he created.

This discussion will force us the clarify the deepest concepts and categories we use when thinking about God, freedom, community and personal reality.


We did a part-two continuation of the subject of God’s foreknowledge and pre-determinism the following week: Go here.