PHILOSOPHY: The Limits of God Language

Christians speak so casually about The Supreme Being who is utterly transcendent beyond our thinking and experiencing. Yet all our language uses earthy, human references. Is our 'God-talk' making any sense at all?

If all of our thinking and all our language is based on reason and experience, how can we think and talk about the God who is beyond all human reason and experience?  If our language about God is limited by our humanness, how does that effect the Bible and our interpretation of it? How do we avoid the twin extremes of taking our concepts too literally or too spiritually? And what is really at stake here?

Key Thoughts to Take Away

  • univocal language
  • equivocal language
  • analogical language
  • metaphor
  • allegory
  • simili

Each of these would be interesting to explore just on wikipedia alone.  Try it.

Best of Youtube:

On Language: Taylor Mali on speaking with conviction: