PEOPLE: Dating and Romance: Part Two

The oldest truth in the world is this: boys and girls are different. You better know what this entails when it comes to dating...or else you'll make the many stupid mistakes that our dating coaches warned us against.

Because of shyness and fears of rejection, many people feel awkward about approaching the opposite sex.  So how are we supposed to meet potential mates? What are some appropriate ways to behave on a date? How does your Christian faith effect your dating, your mate selection? What are the main elements of our cultures current form of dating?

Well, this set of videos and conversations was a huge hit.  Clearly, people care about the mysterious gnosis of how to find a boy/girlfriend.  We asked 6 questions in our introductory quiz, questions about how men and women are different/same when it comes to attraction, preferences, dating, etc.  Watch the 2 minute video results of that quiz.  Youll laugh, youll cryand youll probably agree that men and women know each other pretty well.and here it is THE QUIZZZZZZ:

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