PEOPLE: Dating and Romance: Part One

Ok, so Faith & Reality is a place full of single 'twenty-somethings.' This session is nothing but frank talk and practical advice on how to meet people of the opposite sex and make a good connection.

Whatever the case may be regarding the wisdom of inter-faith dating, when it comes to walking across the room and saying ‘hi’ to someone you find attractive, most people get very uptight.  How are we supposed to meet potential mates? What are some appropriate ways to behave on a date? How does your Christian faith effect your dating, your mate selection? What are the main elements of our cultures current form of dating?

Well, this set of videos and conversations was a huge hit.  Clearly, people care about the mysterious gnosis of how to find a boy/girlfriend.  We asked 6 questions in our introductory quiz, questions about how men and women are different/same when it comes to attraction, preferences, dating, etc.  You’ll find the results of that quiz in Part Two, check out that page.  Youll laugh, youll cry…and youll probably agree that men and women know each other pretty well.

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