Openness Theism - Does it Help Us Pray?

Openness theism provides concepts that allow us to think of God as all-knowing without being all-controlling of the future. It seeks to resolve concerns about human freedom and our authentic relationship with God. Does it satisfy?

If we take human freedom to be a true gift of creation - then how are we to think about the nature of Gods sovereignty?  Did God limit himself to make room for freedom?  Does God really foreknow actions that free creatures will perform in the future.  Openness theism is a recent attempt to solve some dilemmas by questioning what we have traditionally been taught about God, creation and human freedom.

This discussion will just begin to explore a new take on a very old theology. 


Ok, we just finished the second most difficult session we’ve ever done.  We covered ‘middle knowledge’ and then a brief comparison with openness theism .  Everyone thought that middle knowledge really did not provide anything that soft determinism didn’t already provide.  As for openness theism, while it fits better with our practice as prayerful persons in relation to a caring, responding God, it still left unanswered the issue of God apparent knowledge of the future as visible in many prophetic scriptures.

Just to lighten things up: Monty Python argument clinic