MOVIE: Born Into Brothels

About child prostitution in Calcutta, India. A family business and prison sentence for those born into it. Yet, here is a documentary that shows a path of escape – through art and creative possibilities. This should put some wind into your social-action sails.

In 2003, Zana Briski, a documentary photographer, went to Calcutta (now: Kolkata) to photograph prostitutes. While there, she befriended their children and offered to teach the children photography to reciprocate being allowed to photograph their mothers. The children were given cameras so they could learn photography and possibly improve their lives. Much of their work was used in the film, and the filmmakers recorded the classes as well as daily life in the red light district. The children's work was exhibited, and one boy was even sent to a photography conference in Amsterdam. Briski also recorded her efforts to place the children in boarding schools.

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