Imago Dei…and being human

What is the theology of being human? In what ways do we reflect the divine image? Male and Female, we are created in God's image. What does this imply?

The Bible declares a mystery: human being is divine image. Because this teaching is ambiguous, there have been a variety of interpretations of its meaning. It has been understood to demarcate us from the animals, to declare a certain intrinsic glory (whatever that means) or value that makes us categorically different from other creatures on earth. It has been the theological basis for an immanentist spirituality, a contemplative theology whereby we understand God only by understanding something about ourselves, and vice versa. It can ground a theory of universal human rights. It can ground an ethics of equality between the sexes. But again, perhaps it is so ambiguous that all these possibilities are just ‘seeing faces in the clouds,’ projections of our theological and cultural presuppositions. In any case, this is a good topic to launch us into a season of conversation of the human being and the human condition, and our relation to God