How NOT to Read the Book of Revelation

No biblical text has caused more confusion and terror than The Revelation of John the Seer. There have been various ways that this apocalyptic work has been interpreted. Do you know what some of them are?

Cant we prove biblically that Christians will escape in the rapture seven years before the AntiChrist takes world power, only to be deposed by Jesus when He returns for his 1000 year reign?  Actually, no.  And historic Christianity never taught this.  So just how are we to interpret the Book of Revelation?  Of the various theories of interpreting this book, we will look at one that is a venerable favourite of the Protestant tradition and perhaps the one that is most overlooked: Preterism.  Whatever we learn from this discussion, we will surely overcome the nonsense that now dominates Christian Fundamentalism and it’s ‘end times’ hysteria.’

New worry: what will happen to my pets after the rapture?