GUEST: Dr Rikk Watts, Regent College

Professor Watts is a master of New Testament usage of Old Testament themes. He'll be at Uvic and F&R this month. Talk: why history and narrative trumps systematic theology.

Philosophy, Science and the Long Journey into Night: Why Knowledge and Ethics are not Enough.

From Pythagoras to the present the long and glorious history of Western philosophy, and more recently, science (with all their undeniable benefits) has in the end proven incapable of providing any lasting basis for human meaning. In this lecture we will suggest that this is because neither has taken seriously enough the ontological priority of history (Croce). Furthermore, by focusing on virtue and knowledge as ends in themselves, they have failed to grasp the true nature of either humanity or reality.

Download the Poster here: Rikk_Watt_Poster,_UVIC_2010.pdf