Guest: Dennis Venema, Biology Dept, TWU

What is the human genomics evidence for evolution? Why is every version of creationism and even 'intelligent design' inadequate? A look at the genetics evidence for human population dynamics (i.e. is there a genetic Adam and Eve?) and the attendant theological issues.

Thursday, November 28th

Genomics, the biological science of sequencing and comparing the complete DNA sequence of various organisms, has provided a new set of powerful technologies for testing Darwin’s theory of evolution. Many aspects of evolutionary theory are of particular interest to evangelical Christians: do we share common ancestors with other forms of life such as chimpanzees? Has genomic science identified an ancestral couple from whom the entire human race has descended? This lecture will explore the genomics evidence that addresses these two questions, discuss the challenges the evidence presents for common evangelical interpretations of Genesis, and present an array of evangelical responses to these issues.

Nov 28, 2013 Podcast Part 1 & Part 2

UPDATE: Watch the 100 minute interview with Dennis Venema and Ben Koop right here.