Foundations & Presuppositions

Not so fast. Even with a clearer definition of truth, there are still major hurdles to getting hold of reality. Among these are biases, personal viewpoints, assumptions, and presuppositions. Where are the trust-worthy starting points for human reasoning, human knowing?

This session looks at where we are 'coming from' when we presume to think, know, observe and interpret. How do we get to an objective point of view? How do you know when we're there? Are there self-evident truths or concepts or perceptions that can act as the foundation for all our thinking? Can the Bible serve that function...or is it "turtles all the down, lady."?

We'll just scratch the surface enough to create a useful suspicion that things aren't as obvious as they seem. A little more humility will help us in our quest. This is a great follow up for those who came last week and talked about 'truth'.