Demographic Fears

There has been paranoia about overpopulation in the past and in fact the population if the world is still booming. But there is also a death-spiral happening in most advanced nation, the likes of which we have never seen before in history. Just how serious are the trends?

Demographics point to the destiny of nations, cultures and religions. We discover a correlation between wealth and urbanization and the decline in fertility and replacement reproduction. A factor leading practically all developed nations toward drastic population decline is the self-based culture that is fostered by wealth, and the consequent failure to form stable marriages. There is no question that developed nations are in decline, but so are many other nations, especially in the middle east. China is facing a catastrophe in one more generation as the consequences of the ‘one child’ policy come home to roost. These are all the consequences of systemic behaviour among humans. And systemic solutions may be beyond the ability of current institutions to foster.

One thing is clear also: there is a correlation between faith and strong families. Perhaps the religious shall inherit the earth after all - for a very simple reason: faith reproduces.