Deep Exegesis: The Text as Event

A conversation about how we should read our scriptures led by insights from Peter Leithart. Interpretation is much more subtle than we usually realize. How would a text shift its meaning through time?

Thursday, October 24th.

Studying the Bible, or any ancient document for that matter, is a very challenging and subtle art. Suppose an Old Testament scripture takes on a new meaning in the New Testament, a meaning the original author did not intend. Messianic prophecies often seem like this. Perhaps such a passage has more than one meaning. But could we say that the text actually changed its meaning over time; that it meant one thing to an earlier generation and now means something different to a newer generation? So how, exactly, would a text change meaning after it has been written? How do we know if and when such a change is happening? We'll look into this mystery with insight from Peter Leithart.

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