Avoiding ‘Cult-Brain’

With only a few basic logical moves, you can protect yourself from a case of 'cult-brain'. Don’t let gullibility open your mind to unscrupulous charlatans who, if given the chance, will string you along until you run off a cliff, lemming-like. (Also, why do you believe that lemmings jump off cliffs?)

This session is just a warm up in logic and rhetoric so we can test out our skill is deconstructing the movie: Zeitgeist next week. Nevertheless, these pointers in critical thinking are always useful, especially is spotting lies and spin from politicians, cultists, and the producers of conspiracy theories.

We will cover four main principles of reasoning:

  • burden of proof
  • post hoc fallacies
  • argument from silence or ignorance
  • and occam's razor

These should set us up nicely to demolish BS structures as we find them. Come, enjoy, be strengthened.

Here is the podcast.