The Evolution of Adam - Dr Peter Enns

Dr Enns, Faculty of Biblical Studies at Eastern University, enlightens us about current historical & Biblical critical studies and in the process deepen our understanding of some difficulties in New Testament interpretation.

Special TUESDAY session, October 8th, 7 pm at Lambrick. Dr Enns will also be speaking on academic freedom at the David Lam Auditorium, MacLaurin Bldg, University of Victoria, at 2:30 pm on October 8th.

Can Christianity and evolution coexist? Traditional Christian teaching presents Jesus as reversing the effects of the Fall of Adam. However, an evolutionary view of beginnings doesn't allow for a historical Adam, making evolution seemingly incompatible with what Genesis and the apostle Paul say about him. For Christians who accept evolution and want to take the Bible seriously, this presents a faith-shaking tension.

Peter Enns, an expert in biblical interpretation, offers a way forward by explaining how this tension is caused not by the discoveries of science but by false expectations about the biblical texts. Focusing on key biblical passages in the discussion, Enns demonstrates that the author of Genesis and the apostle Paul wrote to ask and answer ancient questions for ancient people; the fact that they both speak of Adam does not determine whether Christians can accept evolution. This thought-provoking book helps readers reconcile the teachings of the Bible with the widely held evolutionary view of beginnings and will appeal to anyone interested in the Christianity-evolution debate.

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